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The company takes responsibility for exterior & interior oversight and maintenance of property. Some of which are as follows:

  • Keeping the property clean

  • Making sure all is safe

  • Landscaping activities

  • Housekeeping

  • And all other maintenance that is need to keep the house in perfect conditions.


The Property manager also take full responsibility for property inspection to report any issues or suggest repairs that are needed to the owner.


We also take project requests by the owners to be coordinated and supervised by the property manager, such as obtaining project quotations, presenting to the homeowner, hiring contractors and oversight of project to completion.


  • Promote property pictures and information on our website, Facebook page, & Instagram.

  • Managing Airbnb, or any other site that owners may have for property.

  • Respond to comments & messages/emails from guest on booking websites.


  • Collection of Guest Rental Payments

  • Rental payments will be collected in full by the Agent and deposited to a rental escrow account.

  • Funds are deposited to owner’s checking account less commission and payment processing fees on a monthly basis.

  • Only non-refundable funds will be released to the owner’s accounts within 30 days of the guest stay.

  • Accounting and Payment of Hotel Tax to the Belize Tourism Board (BTB).

  • BTB Hotel License renewal application will be completed annually. If a new application for BTB is required, an additional one-time fee is charged for management of the application process and inspection process by BTB.

  • Business Tax Payments

  • Annual Property Tax Payments

  • Utility Payments

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